Mamorukun Curse! Announcement Trailer

G.Rev's cute bullet hell shooter Mamorukun Curse! is coming to the North American PlayStation Network on July 16th courtesy if UFO Interactive. Mamorukun is a little different from other current bullet hells in that the characters can freely walk around the level instead of the usual flying forward in a cool ship. There have been plenty of shooters like this before, but they're a bit rare these days. The PlayStation version include two characters that were DLC on the Xbox 360 version, two new stages, and alternate costumes of the seven characters. Mamorukun received disc releases in Japan for both the PS3 and Xbox 360, and while I prefer to get disc releases for my shooters, for only $19.99 I can deal with digital only since we're actually getting this weird shooter released in the U.S.

G.Rev's games can be hit or miss. I liked Under Defeat HD quite a bit, so hopefully Mamorukun will be just as fun.

- Shawn - 6/3/13