Mad Moxxi Likes it When Borderlands Pop

It seems like NECA might not be making any new Borderlands figures, but luckily Funko has opened their vault and pulled out Borderlands Pops vinyls. They're not full-on actions figures, but at least it's something. The first Borderlands Pop figures will be coming in April with Mad Moxxi, Psycho Bandit, Handsome Jack, and everyone's favorite (or most annoying) robot Claptrap. Claptrap will be in normal yellow along with both a Gentleman Claptrap and blue Claptrap being exclusive to GameStop. Gentleman Claptrap will be exclusive to GameStop stores, while the blue Claptrap will be an exclusive to the Power Up Rewards program, meaning you can only get it by using GameStop's space points or finding one on the secondary market. I'm sure those won't be the only variants either because I can already see a ton of possible variants for Mad Moxxi, the Psycho Bandit, and Claptrap.

These Borderlands Pops and all the inevitable variants coming soon

There aren't any shots of the actual figures yet, just concept art, but I'm sure we'll see the actual figures very soon. Hopefully Funko has plans to make all the rest of the characters, which I'm sure they will since Pops are huge. Maybe Funko could make a Borderlands series in their Legacy line, which would be awesome. We never got any vault hunters or supporting characters from NECA, so a Legacy line could be a good way to pick up the slack. (via Funko's Facebook)

"This time it'll be awesome! I promise!"

- Shawn - 2/11/15