Lord British and Vic Viper Models Switch Views

R.C. Berg has made lots of cool model kits from Xevious and DoDonPachi, but now they've made two ships from the Gradius series. Specifically, they've made the Vic Viper and Lord British from Salamander, a.k.a. Life Force. Yes, Lord British, one of the ships in the Gradius series that isn't nearly as well known as Vic Viper. I think this is the first ever Lord British model kit. I've seen a few fan-creations before, but I'm pretty sure the first official one and it looks amazing. Various Vic Viper models have been released throughout the years, but there aren't enough, so another is a welcome site. These full color resin kits measure over 6.5" long when assembled and include a display stand. If you are able to get these, expect to pay a premium because R.C. Berg's stuff is extremely limited.

One of the things that was awesome about Life Force is that some stages were the traditional Gradius side-view and other stages were top view. Two different shooting views in one game blew my mind back in the 1986, so the game holds a special place for me. Check out tons more photos at R.C. Berg's site of Lord British and Vic Viper and hope that Kotobukiya or Wave will eventually release more easily obtainable (and much less expensive) kits of these two, or at least Lord British. There is a severe lack of Lord British merchandise. Also, not that a Lord British model exists maybe we'll finally see a Jade Knight and Falchion Beta.

- Shawn - 4/10/15