Kojima Throws Kid Mantis Into the World

Cardboard box virtuoso Hideo Kojima has taken to Twitter once again and revealed the Play Arts Kai Kid Mantis prototype. Kojima has also basically confirmed Psycho Mantis as a kid for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Or did he? This is pretty cool, but I still really want a MGS1 Psycho Mantis PAK figure. If the Kid Mantis figure is somewhat in scale with the regular Play Arts Kai figures then it should be much smaller, but I wonder if Square Enix would sell him alone or with some larger accessory. Kojima is sure to read our minds in the near future and post more photos of Kid Mantis just when we want them.

Will Kid Mantis read your games and saves in The Phantom Pain?

Oh, and even though it's an action figure, that is one creepy photo.

- Shawn - 9/16/14