Kojima Posts More Photos of ThreeA's Metal Gear RAY

Battroborg fan Hideo Kojima has shared a couple more photos of ThreeA's gigantic Metal Gear RAY prototype on his Twitter. Metal Gear artist and designer Yoji Shinkawa is once again holding the child-sized RAY and it seriously looks like it's half the size of him. It's a bit more gray than we've previously seen it, so the work on it seems to be coming along. According to Kojima, the toes are currently made of rubber and in the second photo we can see RAY's mouth open. I'm not sure if we'll actually see this released this year, because the paint for REX seemed to take a long time to get finalized. Eventually we'll see this beast out to go along with our REX, though, most likely with some slick LEDs. Also, check out Yoji's awesome shoes.

Prototype Metal Gear RAY is half the size of Yoji Shinkawa. That's huge!


- Shawn - 5/21/13