Kojima Bares Play Arts Kai Quiet and Skull Face

Godzilla action figure displayer Hideo Kojima has posted in-progress test model photos for the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Play Arts Kai Quiet figure and Skull Face's head... with a hat! The controversial Quiet figure includes a sniper rifle and not much else. Her figure is pretty spot on and has all the lack of clothing and torn pantyhose as the initial character model. Kojima says there's a reason for her look besides selling figures and cosplay and that we'll see the explanation in the game. For now, well, at least she's wearing boots so she can walk around on all that grueling terrain! The Skull Face figure will apparently be coming with two heads, one with a mask, and a hat to place on his grotesque head. Ground Zeroes is out in March and I'm sure the figures will be out sometime this year.

Gun. Boots. Pantyhose. Bikini. Ready for war.

Expect Skull Face to look more gross in color.

- Shawn - 1/20/14