Knights of Unicron is the Most Ridiculous Transformers Set Ever

The labels of Autobot and Decepticon mean nothing when it comes to rockin' out. Optimus, Megatron, Soundwave, and Jazz have formed the Knights of Unicron, an '80s Cybertron hair metal band decked out in glam rock deco in this SDCC 2014 exclusive set. It's not only the most ridiculous Transformers set I've seen, but is sure to be the most ridiculous SDCC exclusive this year, if not ever. The set includes four figures from the Transformers War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron toys, repainted with attachable big hair pieces and flourishes. The set also includes a concert ticket, booklet detailing the history of the band, VIP pass, retro and reunion tour posters, stickers, and maybe a real record all in a roadie case. It's not clear if the record is actually real with songs on it, but if it has Peter Cullen singing as Optimus Prime, then this whole thing might be worth it.

Rock out with your Matrix out.

This set seems to be getting lots of Transformers fans angry, but this is actually a great SDCC exclusive. It's a very unique set that will only appeal to some people. Especially at the beyond ridiculous price of $185. Yikes. $185 for four repainted figures and some joke stuff you may only look at once or twice. I'm sure many are thinking of buying this to re-sell, but does this even have any resale value? I know if re-sellers wanted to sell the toys, then they'll have no problem, but I'm not so sure about the other things. If you only want the figures, would you be able to sell the other things at a price that will make up for the rest of the cost of the set? I think many fans are asking themselves that. Who knows, though, I could be surprised and see this set going for a huge amount on the secondary market. We'll find out once SDCC starts.

For me, if this was just a set of the four repainted figures for a lower price ($80?) in a cool Knights of Unicron themed box, then I would probably be getting it since I really like Soundwave in the purple/black color scheme. He's like a combination of Soundwave and Soundblaster, even though they're already the same character. Jazz in blue also looks pretty sweet.

From the released images, it looks like Optimus is lead vocals, Megatron on Laserbeak guitar, Jazz on Ratbat keytar, with Soundwave on backup vocals and maybe drum beats (because he's Soundwave), I guess. Oh, and for those who don't know, Laserbeak and Ratbat are from the Transformers Animated line; they're not new toys made for this set.

If this turns out to be the only Transformers exclusive for SDCC '14, then I think a lot of fans are going to be saving money this year. I won't begrudge anyone who love this set, because I can get behind a silly one-off idea as an exclusive, but not for $185. Silly things like this are definitely not for everyone and it's good that it's an exclusive that many people won't be able to get. (via Entertainment Tonight)

- Shawn - 6/7/14