A Bit of Sad News

Michelle Grayshaw: 1984 - 2005

The unexpected death of someone you know can be a icy slap in the face. It certainly felt like that when I heard the news that our unofficial model of choice recently passed away. Her real name was Michelle Suzanne Grayshaw, but to regular readers of Digital Monkey Box she was known as Jasmine Grey. Michelle died in a tragic car accident on December 10, 2005 along with two of her friends.

This news saddens us, because Michelle seemed like a genuinely nice person. At any convention you might see a dozen or more “booth babes” or models there to attract your attention. Michelle was different because she was openly approachable and very kind to a couple of goobers like Shawn and myself. It's too bad that we only got to talk with her a couple of times. She’ll be missed by both of us and I can definitely say that Wizard World won’t be the same without her.


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 - Paul - 12/26/2005