Hello Kitty is the Raging Demon

Toynami is unleashing a new Street Fighter X Sanrio exclusive at SDCC '13 with Hello Kitty dressed as the evil Akuma. I can't even imagine how brutal Hello Kitty's Raging Demon attack would be. Consumed by the Dark Hadou, Hello Kitty has Akuma's signature red hair, prayer beads, rope belt, and intense demon red eyes. The Raging Kitty stands over 12" tall and will be a raging $45. I love this with all the rage I can muster. Last year's Hello Kitty Chun Li sold out very quickly, so I would expect this to sell out fast. There was also an official Hello Kitty Chin Li cosplayer last year, so I'm wondering if there will be a Hello Kitty Akuma cosplayer this year, which would be awesome as hell.

Hello Kitty is the supreme master of the fist.

Akuma isn't the only exclusive, as there will also be Badtz Maru dressed as Ryu. There is already a Hello Kitty dressed as Ryu, but Badtz Maru is the first character who is not HK to get into some Street fighter gear. His feet kind of makes it look like he's wearing sneakers, though, which kid of takes away from the Ryu look because Ryu doesn't wear shoes. In fact, he almost looks like a basketball player. Badtz Ryu is still cool, though, and like Raging Kitty, he stands approximately 12" tall and will also be $45.


- Shawn - 7/7/13