Halo 4 Series 3 Escalates

Originally shown as three figures, a fourth figure has been added to McFarlane Toys' Halo 4 Series 3 and, not surprisingly, it's another Walgreens exclusive. This new Walgreens Spartan Soldier is brick red with white accents. This figure isn't nearly as cool looking as Walgreens' previous exclusive, but it's nice that at least one retailer still has some kind of faith in the product. Plus, Walgreens has become a hotspot for exclusive figures with the Prototype Armor Boba Fett, Game of Thrones, and Spider-Man Pop exclusives they've had over the past year, so they might as well add another.

This is the first Halo figure series since Halo 4 Series 2 about a year and a half ago, which is a very long time between Halo waves. The lone Master Chief with a cloak doesn't count since the Chief has been released ad nauseam. Spawn.com has updated with official photos of the four figures which look a little different than the prototypes shown last year with better paint coloring and detail. It's great that we're getting at least one more series of Halo figures.

The new Walgreens exclusive almost looks like a Medic Spartan. It's just missing a little cross.

Jul 'Mdama and his hood ornament don't care about the truce.

Commander Palmer, Jul 'Mdama, and Spartan Thorne have all been featured in the recent Halo: Escalation comic series, so it's an added reason to get these figures other then their brief screen time in Halo 4. I played Halo 4 so long ago that I don't even remember a lot of the scenes not involving Master Chief and Cortana. Will McFarlane Toys be making Halo 5 figures? Halo 5 will be the first new Halo for the Xbox One, so it will undoubtedly be a huge game. It would make sense, but with a year and a half between Halo 4 waves, McFarlane Toys could be done with Halo figures.

Commander Palmer is ready to command infinite Spartans.

Thorne doesn't know what's going on.

- Shawn - 2/19/15