Half-Size Metal Gears Come in Half-Size Boxes

ThreeA released a teaser of the Metal Gear Rex and Ray Half-Size Editions by showing off the half-size boxes. If you know how beastly and massive the boxes of the normal-size version are then these are probably half that, so they'll still be kind of big, but much more manageable for storage. The art is different than the normal bigger boxes, too, and it looks like the art make a "Vs." picture when they're side by side. ThreeA also announced the release date for Half-Size Rex on April 23rd at 9:00am, which is the 22nd for us Metal Gear fans in the U.S.

Half-Size Rex + Half-Size Ray = Full Size Awesome!

Nothing else has been announced yet, but the release date is next week, so we'll know everything soon. Fans who thought ThreeA's regular versions were out of their price range should be able to pull the trigger on these.

- Shawn - 4/13/15