Gremlins from a Game with 8-Bit Machine Guns

Gremlins 2 is a very divisive movie. People seem to either love it or hate it. I'm in the former camp. I love how self-aware the movie is. It's lots of bad decisions, but it just goes with them because it knows exactly what it's doing and it's all intentional. Surprisingly, a while back I learned a very good friend of mine had never seen Gremlins 2, so he started to watch it, but turned it off halfway through. I told him he should at least finish it, but I'm sure he didn't listen to me. It surprised me because he has even made a list of his favorite bad movies. Anyway, the reason we're all here is NECA's next retro videogame figure, the Mohawk Gremlin. First revealed at Toy Fair, the 8-bit Mohawk Gremlin wields an 8-bit machine gun from the NES Gremlins 2 videogame. I don't remember if I liked the game or not, but I do like the look of this figure.

All Gremlins want to do is disco machine gun!

The NES coloring on the figure makes Mohawk look a bit muddy in places, but this is how he looked in the game. Mohawk stands 6" tall, has a bunch of articulation including his jaw, and includes a machine gun to become Gizmo's worst nightmare or something. Can we expect to see a retro videogame Gizmo in the future? I wouldn't be surprised. 8-Bit Mohawk Gremlin will be out in June.

- Shawn - 3/9/15