Godzilla: King of Pixelated Monsters

NECA is using their Godzilla license to bring out as many versions of Godzilla as they can, which is now including ones we haven't had as a figure before. First shown at Toy Fair alongside the 8-Bit Gremlin, the latest in NECA's videogame figure line is 8-Bit Godzilla as he appeared in Godzilla: Monster of Monsters for the NES. The 8-Bit King of Monsters is presented with a partially pixelated paint deco in a lovely shade of NES green. Like NECA's other Godzilla figures, this G is over 6" tall and 12" long,with over 30 points of articulation in a package much like the old NES box. Videogame Godzilla does have new dorsal plates, though, so he is a little more than a straight-up repaint.

A full 8-Bits of the King of Monsters.

I don't think NECA has the license to make any of Godzilla's friends and foes (at least they haven't mentioned they do), so I doubt we'll ever see any other pixelated Kaiju. It would be cool, though. Classic videogame Godzilla should be out in July this year.

- Shawn - 3/14/15