G.I. Joe Exclusives for 2015

Exclusives coming to SDCC, Toys 'R' Us, and the G.I. Joe Collector's Club.

This weekend JoeCon saw lots of reveals for most of the exclusives coming out in 2015. There is a lot of great stuff here, so let's get started.

SDCC: First up is the Crimson Strike set which includes the Crimson Scythe, which is a Skystriker captured by Cobra and painted in a new crimson & silver deco. The Joes have also captured a HISS tank, painted it Joe green and named it the Chimera. This set includes A.V.A.C. pilot, Alley Viper Officer, Grunt, and Steeler. This will be the Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive at SDCC and sell for $99.99.

The second SDCC exclusive is the Desert Duel set with a Cobra Basilisk, which is a captured G.I. Joe Snow Serpent. This looks natural and really cool in the traditional Cobra blue and red color scheme. The Joe vehicle will be the FOE Striker with a roll out canopy and new minigun emplacement. For figure, this include Chuckles and Night Fox with an Elite Horseman and Cobra Air Trooper. will be sold at the Entertainment Earth booth for $59.99.

If you watch the video of the Hasbro panel from JoeCon, you will see that the box art for the SDCC Crimson Strike and Desert Duel sets combine to make one larger picture. There will also be a Kre-O exclusive at SDCC, but they weren't able to say what is was just yet.

Toys R Us: The Desert Duel set will be sold at Toys R Us, but without Night Fox and the Air Trooper.

The H.I.S.S. has an orange color similar to the old Septic Tank H.I.S.S. and the Skystriker is in a new black stealth deco. The Skystriker looks really good in black. The set includes Ace and brand new character Sightline, who is named after selfless G.I. Joe fan Gary Goggles. HISS Driver and, for the first time ever, a HISS Gunner. The Gunner looks very similar to the Driver with only small changes, but it's good to see that Hasbro finall included a Gunner with a HISS tank. Sightline is a fantastic new character and I cna't wait to see if the character ends up in other Joe media.

The Vanishing Act set includes a slightly new look for Torpedo, Hit n Run, and Zartan. Torpedo has a slightly new look, Hit N Run looks fantastic in gray, and Zartan is new. This is a great set.

The Sneak Attack set includes new looks for Dusty, Firefly, and Bazooka. Dusty looks cool in his nighttime blues. Firefly always looks awesome, so this new variant is great. I'm still deciding on how I feel about Bazooka. I like that coloring makes him look very different, but there's just something about all that blue on Bazooka... I think I'll call him Blu-zooka.

Chase for the M.A.S.S. Device is essentially a re-release of three figures from the M.A.S.S. Device set 5 out during the 25th Anniversary line. This 3-figure set includes Cobra Commander with Cobra C.L.A.W., Cobra Trooper, and Duke. I have the MASS Device set already, so there's really no need for me to get this. Was set 5 the dard to get set? I don't remember because it's been so long since those were out. I remember having a difficult time finding one of the sets, but I don't think it was set 5.

The Rock Rampage set has the Alpine figure from the M.A.S.S. Device set 5, so if you completely missed out on that set now you can at least get a complete set of the figures. The set also include re-releases of the Cobra Shock Trooper and Rock Viper. If you have the M.A.S.S. Device set 5 and the individual releases of the trooper and viper, then you don't need this set. Unless you want to use it as a troop builder set.

Marine Devastation is an amazing-pack. This has the new Shadow Guard and an all-new Gung Ho. Many fans, including myself, have been waiting to see if Hasbro would ever release the Gung Ho concept shown off years ago and they finally will be. The Crimson Guard is a great looking figure in black. This will be the set that might be the most difficult to find once it's out.

Hunt for Cobra Commander includes Cobra Commander, naturally, and Shipwreck. Cobra Commander shouldn't be too hard to find with that red he's wearing. The red gloves, boots, and cape go well with the black outfit. Plus, he includes a red hooded head. Shipwreck and Polly both have new paint decos.

Classic Clash includes an updated version of my favorite Storm Shadow outfit and an updated Spirit. The red accents on the weapons are a fantastic homage to the old figure with the all-red weapons.

The Swamp Steam set includes new paint decos for Croc Master and Blowtorch. Croc Master looks like he should be a part of the Crimson Guard or possibly Python Patrol with the new duds. The red crocodile is a little weird. Blowtorch looks great in traditional Joe green and brown.

Troop Build Up is exactly that; a troop builder set which includes an Iron Grenadier and a Steel Brigade trooper. These two appear to be straight re-releases, but if you missed out on the single releases, which is very probable, then you'll have another chance at both these awesome figures.

You can check out much larger photos of all these at Action Figure Insider.

As for Kre-O, well, there are new sets, but Hasbro couldn't show off any G.I. Joe Kre-O because they're still looking for a retail partner. Toys 'R' Us has been clearing out their remainder of the Joe Kre-O, so they might not carry the new sets.

Collector's Club: Meanwhile, the Collector's Club revealed that the Marissa Faireborn figure with Autobot motorcycle set will be sold both by the G.I. Joe and Transformers Clubs. They also revealed another new crossover figure with Old Snake. Before there was Metal Gear Solid 4, Old Snake was Cobra Commander's appearance in an episode of Transformers. His figure will include two transforming B.A.T. drones, which are repaints of the Transformers Prime Soundwave in B.A.T. colors. The next Club member ship figure is Pythona and there will be a set of IDW's Heartwrencher with a Dreadnok Ground Assault 4WD. It's a very good time to be a Collector's Club member.

The Collector's Club Subscription Figures 4.0 were also announced at JoeCon. No photos yet but here's who to expect: Barricade, Billy Arboc (mercenary), Bullhorn, Interrogator, Law & Order, Inferno B.A.T., Nunchuk, Night Creeper Ice Ninja, Pathfinder, Jammer, Sneak Peek (Tiger Force), Outback (Tiger Force), and the mystery figure.

- Shawn - 4/12/15