G.I. Joe and the Transformers' Epic Conclusion at SDCC '13

Hasbro continues the awesome combination of G.I Joe and Transformers for SDCC this year with of "Issue 7" of the epic crossover toys. This year's set features Jetfire as a Skystriker, Hound as a V.A.M.P., Baroness with a leash on Ravage, Bludgeon, Snake Eyes, and Blaster with three cassettes. It's the biggest of the three crossover sets and "The Epic Conclusion" tagline suggests that this will be the last of them. Cobra and the Decepticons got two years in a row with the Starscream Skystriker and Shockwave H.I.S.S. tank, so this year it's the Joes' and Autobots' turn.

G.I. Joe and the Transformers is going all out with Issue 7.

The Jetfire Skystriker in this set absolutely amazing. Granted, Hasbro already did a Skystriker exclusive two years ago with the Starscream, but those Macross/Robotech Valkyrie boosters really set this version apart. Hound on the other hand just looks like a normal V.A.M.P.; there isnít really anything special about him other than the Autobot symbol.

Jetfire Skystriker looks amazing and those boosters really make the jet work.

This could just be a normal V.A.M.P., but the Autobot symbol says it's Hound.

The Baroness walking Ravage is like an unreleased statue from a number of years back. I always wanted that statue and was disappointed that it never got released, but this is the next best thing. And it's a Ravage in scale with 3&3/4" Joes. I'm not sure how articulated Ravage is, but even if it has zero points I'll still be perfectly fine with it.

The unreleased Baroness and Ravage statue gets a second chance, in a way.

Bludgeon looks incredible. While it's mainly a repaint of an existing figure, this is decently close to the Bludgeon from the original comics. We'll finally have a very articulated Bludgeon that's not a tank or something (although tank Bludgeon was still cool).

Finally, a super articulated Bludgeon

Snake Eyes just looks weird. That black top with green cargo pants doesnít really work at all. Why not go with a mostly green Snake Eyes? That would be more unique and look better.

Snake Eyes put on the wrong pants today.

To top off the set, a mini Blaster with three cassettes is included. The Joes and Autobots need to listen to some battle tunes just as much as Cobra and the Decepticons do with Soundwave from the Shockwave H.I.S.S. set.

Blaster brings the tunes.

This set will run $99 at the show, which is much more than the two previous sets since it includes a lot more. This means the box will probably be extra big, so those hoping for a matching sized set of all three of these special "issues" are out of luck. Like the two previous crossover exclusives, this will probably be limited to one per person so that everyone can get a chance to buy it.

Oddly enough, Hasbro didnít announce any single-carded G.I. Joe figures or a stand-alone Transformers exclusive. I wonder if they have yet to announce them or if this is it for the two properties. I canít say Iíd be too disappointed with a lack of stand-alone exclusives. Spending less money at SDCC is always good, plus the G.I. Joe Collectorís Club is currently filling the void for extra Joe figures with their Figure Subscription Service.

As for other Hasbro exclusives, there is a very cool Thunderbolts set for Marvel Legends, but I don't collect Legends, I'm more of a Universe guy. Also, that 6" Boba Fett with Han in Carbonite is going to be fantastic. Is this the first year that I only actually want two things from the Hasbro booth? Hmm, it just might be. (via USA Today)

- Shawn - 6/5/13