Galaga and Tekken Combo into a Crossover Game

It started as an April Fool's joke, putting Tekken characters into Galaga, but Galaga: Tekken has become a real game. This crazy combo of a game is in celebration of Tekken's 20th anniversary. It's available for mobile devices right now and is free through Google Play and the App Store. Check out this trailer to see how amazing this free game is.


All the characters are in simple bit designs, but are fairly easy to identify because most of the characters form Tekken are pretty unique. The game lets you play as Heihachi, Lili, or Tekken 7 newcomer Claudio, and you can unlock three others as you play. The characters all have different shot types. Heihachi shoot Heihachi heads, Lili has a rapid fire shot, and Claudio has piercing bullets. The Galaga insects are now other Tekken characters like Panda, Alisa, Xiaoyu, Jin, Paul, Mokujin, Raven, Eddy Gordo, Kuma, Nina, King, Craig, Jaycee, Bob, Jack, and Ganryu. So, lots of characters make appearances, all based on different storylines or themes in the Tekken universe like Blood Vengeance, Eternal Rivals, Muscle March, and Size Matters.

Tekken makes an awesome Galaga game.

I've already played it a bit and unlocked newcomer Chloe from Tekken 7 and Asuka. The sixth character, Kazuya, is unlocked if you reach stage 50, so good luck.

Power up cameos include Pac-Man, Mappy, Rally X cars, Albatross from Rolling Thunder, I think a boulder  from Dig Dug, and even Rick from Splatterhouse. These are triggered by "collecting" the captured fighter and basically clear out most of the screen. I love both Galaga and Tekken so this game is perfect for me. I have a feeling I'm going to be draining my phone battery playing this.

- Shawn - 5/3/15