Flying Hamster HD Spitting on Vita

Flying Hamster HD is a cute-'em-up shooter starring a goggles-wearing hamster determined to get his kidnapped girl back. For some reason, all the other animals who have teamed up against him. Why do all these animals hate Newton the hamster? What a bunch of jerks. Flying Hamster has been out for a while as a PlayStation mini, and the HD version was already released in Europe, but on June 11th Flying Hamster HD spits onto U.S. Vitas from The Game Atelier. Check out the U.S. launch trailer to see how awesome a flying hamster can be.

I played the minis version of Flying Hamster and it is a fantastic shooter and was a nice surprise among the mediocre crop of minis available. Newton attacks by spitting seeds, bees, and even spewing beer. The graphics, music, gameplay of this game are great and it has plenty of humor, such as a cows shooting milk from their udders like a mini-gun. I will definitely be downloading this when it's out, especially at only $3.99. Also, it's a new game for the Vita! If you head over to The Game Atelier's site, you can download the entire soundtrack. For free, even!

Hamsters can't hold their alcohol.

- Shawn - 6/4/13