Fear the Songbird Plushie

BioShock Infinite's Songbird is the most feared thing in Columbia, compete with a nursery rhyme meant to terrify children into being good little boys and girls. However, it also has a softer side as some stores in Columbia sell Songbird plushies to its patrons. When I first saw the Songbird plushie in the game, I immediately wanted a real life version. Well, NECA is making an actual plush Songbird at 7" tall with a 14" wingspan. It looks just like the in-game model... except that it's darker for some reason. It's looks like more of a brown leathery fabric in the game, so I'm not sure why the plushie is all black. It looks even more terrifying in black.

The Songbird sends kids to their grave if they misbehave. What a great thing to buy for your kids!

The Songbird plushie is an exclusive through the Irrational Games store. It's up for pre-order right now and will be released in September. It's also $55, which seems a bit pricey for a plush of this size. I guess if it keeps the kinds in line, then maybe it's worth the cost. Check out a few more photos at the Irrational Games Store.

- Shawn - 5/7/13