Fanime '15: Borderlands Cosplay

The Borderlands series had some of the best new characters to come out of the last generation of consoles. Not only are these some fantastic personas, but they're also great for cosplay because the characters are so colorful. There were a variety of characters from across the games, from Vault Hunters to supporting characters, and the brand new addition of Claptraptain America. There was a full-size Claptrap prop, too, so there's a Claptrap in every photo. Take that, Claptrap haters. We got to the Borderlands gathering a little late because the Gunpla Builder World Cup results was going on at the same time, but I think we got most of the happenings. Clicking the photos makes 'em bigger! Click you some!

- Shawn - 6/12/15

Now, everybody kill Claptrap!


Photos by Shawn and Heidi.