Fanime '14: Female Titan Vs. Jenga

Attack on Titan has us all used to seeing Titans breaking down walls, but that changed at Fanime this year when a Female Titan helped construct a giant Jenga tower. Yes, giant Jenga returned to Fanime's Gaming Hall, and with Attack on Titan being a colossal hit, there were a bazillion Attack on Titan cosplayers. Seriously, the Survey Corps are like the new Storm Troopers because if you go to a convention you'll be seeing them everywhere. There were also a few Titans in attendance, with the best sighting being a Female Titan playing giant Jenga. This is it folks, if a Titan wins Jenga then humanity is doomed.

A Female Titan helping build a giant Jenga wall?! How can this be?!

In one of my trips to the Gaming Hall there was a giant Jenga tower around 3/4 completed. There were maybe eight or so people taking turns building the tower, but none as awesome as the Female Titan. And yes, I know the Female Titan's name, but I won't say it here because it's a spoiler and I know some people haven't gotten that far in the story yet. There was an order to the players, but I think they let the Female Titan go for the last block. What better way to win giant Jenga than by having a destroyer of walls complete it?

This is what Jenga looks like without a menacing Titan looming over it.

The Female Titan goes for the final piece.

The final piece is out!

The Female Titan places the final piece.

Victory! The Female Titan has won Jenga! Humanity is doomed!

 - Shawn - 7/2/14