Fanime '14: Danganronpa Cosplay and a Monokuma

It seems like Danganronpa has risen in popularity very quickly. While the series has been around in Japan since 2010, it didn't officially hit the U.S. until February of this year for the PlayStation Vita. The sequel is already  coming out this September. An anime is also out in Japan, along with a few novels, and a third game is on the horizon. The Danganronpa cosplay gathering had most, if not all, the characters from both games. Some of these characters I'm not familiar with since the second game hasn't come out in America just yet, but that didn't stop these cosplayers from dressing up as the newer characters.

Let the murdering begin!

This might be a spoiler...

...or is this a spoiler? Spoilers!

This year I noticed that there was an actual schedule for the cosplay gatherings. I'm not really sure why, but for some reason I thought they happened randomly. Getting all those cosplayers together from one franchise has to have some kind of organization. I was a little late to the Danganronpa gathering, so there aren't quite as many photos as I was intending, but at least there's a group shot of everyone. Some of the dealers booths had Danganronpa merchandise, too. There were a bunch of the same stuffed Monokuma plush, little figurines, an art book, and a shirt.

Somehow Monokuma got less cuddly and more saucy. Still insane, though.

Many dealers had this Monokuma plush.


Maybe there will be even more Danganronpa cosplayers next year once the second and maybe third games are out.

- Shawn - 7/13/14

Photos by Heidi and Shawn.