Fanime '14: Cosplay

It's insane how much cosplay there is at Fanime. The convention has been getting bigger throughout the years and this year seems to have had even more cosplay than previous years, which is crazy because there was already a lot. The gallery below is but a portion of the mass amounts of cosplayers this year. There were cosplayers from anime, videogames, comics, new & classic cartoons, and some things I can't even categorize. I swear there were hundreds of cosplayers dressed as the Scout Regiment from Attack on Titan. I only took photos of a few of them, but believe me when I say that there wasn't anywhere to go at Fanime without seeing them. The Titans themselves were more rare, but I did see a few of them. One thing that surprised me was that there wasn't as much Space Dandy cosplay as I was expecting. I saw three Dandy cosplayers, but that's about it. There could have been more at places I wasn't, as seeing each and every cosplayer at Fanime is an impossible task. Well, maybe there will be more next year.

It was great seeing a few characters get some cosplay love this year like Reboot's Hexadecimal, Dragon's Crown's Sorceress, The Lemongrabs and Banana Guard form Adventure Time, Borderlands' Deathtrap, Regular Show's Pops, and the Danganronpa cosplay (in a separate post). There were a lot of cosplayers I didn't know this year, so if you do know what some of them are, let me know. I did find out that a bunch were from League of Legends, though, which must be super popular for all that cosplay. My best for this year was Dig Dug, mainly because I've never seen anyone cosplay as the character. His costume was simple, but basically perfect. Best female for this year, hmm, how about the Female Titan at the top pf the gallery. There was another Female Titan, but this one almost looked like she could be real. Enjoy the hug gallery and we'll see you at the next Fanime. Remember to click the pics to make 'em bigger.

- Shawn - 7/19/14

Dig Dug gives a thumbs up for awesome retro games.

The Female Titan is ready to stomp everyone.

You can call them Space Dandy... and Space Dandy.

Hexadecimal has an expression just for you.

Dragon's Crown's Sorceress has a really big hat.

An adorable Kiki.

Deathtrap looks amazing.

Lemongrabs are constantly yelling!

Cammy is really tall.

Zatanna has a fancy card trick. And if you don't like it, Harley has a mallet for you.

Rei in her race gear and Asuka in a swimsuit. Yes, the swimsuit is cosplay.

Faith from Mirrors Edge joins the Scout Regiment.

Banana Guard needs your help to find a candy criminal.

Will this Princess Bubblegum and BMO be at Comic-con, too?

The detailed and super awesome Godzilla was back this year.

Aeon Flux doesn't get much better than this.

Don't' know this one, but she looks good.

Pops just loves attending cons.

Matoko Kusanagi is arising.

Tanooki Peach is ready for Koopa stomping.

Raven is not here for the fun.

Supergirl could crush you with her abs.

The coolest member of the Scout Regiment. Those glasses freaking rule.

Makar from The Legend of Zelda plays a great tune.

Mokujin is all wood.

"I'll get you next time, He-Man!"

Sonic is about to run away from me.

Recondo recons Fanime again.

Is she form Thief? It looks like she would be.

Teemo is a favorite of many,

Char looks to the right...

...and looks to the left.

I think I see Tali's face! And some red guy, maybe form Assassin's Creed.

Jinx form League of Legends. Well I can see why she's popular.

Jade wins.

Kaworu and Rei take some time off from battling angels.

No spoilers in this caption: Two titans and a plush Mikasa.

A Femshep and her date for the evening.

Cortana relaxes on her new holo pedestal.

Finn and a super scary Lich.

Lightning and Sera are look for the rest of the Final Fantasy cosplayers.

Lady Bane looks really awesome.

Domino promotes safety first.

Be careful when approaching a Garo Robe.

Faye found a new man: Wesker.

I don't know if she's a character from something, but it's a beautiful outfit.

Julia from Cowboy Bebop.

Kind of looks like the Blood Dragon armor as a Halo Spartan.

Is Caution Tape Snipe Guy a character or just a zany costume?

Lady Cable and Ms. Sinister are a couple cross-plays I can get behind.

I could really go for a Pepsi right now. Thanks, Blue Rose!

I had a feeling we'd see the Winter Soldier from Big Wow again.

Buu, a Saiyan, and Buu.

Lady Loki is ready to rule Fanime.

You can do it Ryu!

Ryu didn't win this battle.

Shao Kahn .

Looks familiar, but I don't know.

Super awesome, whoever this guy is.

Umbreon got big.

Ryu Hayabusa had one of the most impressive costumes at Fanime.

Ryu uses the pedestal for ninja powers.

Zombie Liu Kang, female Smoke, and Cyrax.

Gundam in the hall!

Gundam outside!

Gundam getting a hug!

Yuna likes to have some fun.

Another of Yuna, because Yuna.

A badass Aquagirl.

Harley will be just fine on her own.

Bunny tries foot controlled Tetris.

The two cutest little Lutece twins around.

I'm digging the female versions of Ryuk and Rem in this Death note crew.

An impressively psychotic looking Harley with a fantastic Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze.

Castle Crashers!

BioShock Infinite has infinite cosplayers. these are but a few.

The Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie wasn't that great, but that Birisu is pretty cool.

Vegeta doesn't care about group posing.

Everything is awesome, but how did that banana become part of the team?

Gundam build Fighters show off their Gunpla.

It's difficult for Snake to sneak in a crowded convention hall.

I think these two are from League of Legends.

Some Kill La Kill cross-play.

A little more Kill La Kill Cosplay

I see a bunch of Katamari Cousins, but where are the Prince and Ichigo?

Oh, there they are, posing with the boys again.

I'm guessing that sailor girl is from League of Legends since Jinx is there.

The Monarch's henchmen awkwardly wander the hallways.

Oh, I see: these are all League of Legends characters. Yeah I don't play LoL, if you couldn't tell by now.

A massive Marvel gathering.

So, a League of Legends gathering?

She's from League of Legends, right?

I don't know these three, but they look cool.

What a weird combination.

I don't know what's going on in this photo. Is the photographer a cosplayer too?

This is your one One Piece cosplay photo.

Chocolina ended up in almost every photo at the Final Fantasy gathering.

A sassy Moogle, a Chocobo, a hooded dude and of course, Chocolina.

All, or at least most of, the Final Fantasy cosplayers.

Woody is creepy no matter who he stands next to.

A trio of deadly ladies.

Super Smash Bros. are about to have a tourney.

The Zelda cosplayers do their annual meet-up.

I don't know what these three are from.

Starfire has some big hair.

Sniper goes sniping for another Robot Heavy.

Black Swan is tip tops.

Female Psycho Bandit is going to finger bang.

She bends a lot more than air.

Deadpool just lounging around.

Lady Deadpool loves what Chef Deadpool is cooking.

Boba Fett is now hunting Disney characters, like Aladdin that dude from Tangled.

Gold Ranger looking cool.

C. Viper's glasses detect your low power levels

Two of the countless Attack on Titan scouts.

Catwoman will trade her whip for a pole.

That dragon can dance!

Kingdom Hearts Deadmau5.

Strikers 1945 III gets some love from cosplayers.

Jem is back.

Space cat form something or other.

It's that Japanese Kit Kat bear. And there are two of him!

It's Kill La Kill's Nui...

...and another Nui.

Monster Hunter (?) guy bring his hammer...

...and her axe.

Edward Scissorhands instructs his Charmander.

Celty just want to cut some fools.

Deathstroke is looking rough from all those battles.

It's been a while since I've thought about dot Hack. Good to see a couple fans keeping it alive.

Gendo checks out the artist alley.

This is an awesome costume.

Dante and Lady go demon hunting.

Leeloo wants my multipass.

James was Jesse-less this convention.

Hawkgirl has some mace ready for creepers.

Out of the way, Domo is on the move.

Two badass Steampunkers.

Berserk represented.

Boba Fett is looking for some guy named Han?

Texas Chainsaw Bert.

Captain Rex and Macross Mandalorian discuss how to handle creepers.

Noob Saibot got some ink.

Kid Icarus is getting too close to the sun.

Lara Croft hate tombs.

Portal bot is back again.

He wants to wack you with his hay.

Well-dressed Totoro.

This is creepy.

Cool looking knight guy, whoever he is.

Octo princess?

Pyramid Head can shred,

I know what time it is.

Scary as hell.

This looks similar to one of the mechs from Lagrange, but it might not be.

The kid found a hiding spot.

Also scary as hell.

Ravio is stealing all the gems!

More scary!

Classic Jasmine and Aladdin.

Anime girl form something, probably.

Samus has an awesome Metroid umbrella.

I should probably know this one...

I couldn't tell you what this guy is from.

Blue demon ladies?

This guy looks familiar...

What are these orange horned girls from? There was a ton of them this year.

Is she the queen of orange horned people because her horns are the longest?

Is this TV a character from something or just a thing a few people did?

Just run.

Ulala wants you to left right shoot shoot.

Dragon swordsman guy?

Photos by Heidi and Shawn.