Fanime '13: Some Random Things

This is where I cram a bunch of other random things that I did, noticed, or thought about at Fanime, along with additional photos.

-The Dealer Hall was about the same as other years. Lots of toys, statues, Blu-rays, DVDs, manga, books, wall scrolls, cosplay items, body pillows, and whatever else. Unfortunately, the Bluefin booth didn't have any cool displays again. They had them at Fanime in 2011, but not in 2012 or this year. I always like Bluefin's dioramas and displays, even there are only a few small ones.

-I thought all the construction to the convention center that was happening last year would be done. While a lot of it was, there was still a lot goin on, which again limited the areas where people could take cosplay photos outside. Maybe next year.

Hello Kitty Asuka from Evangelion. Totally awesome, but not $100 awesome. I'm sure someone bought it.

Some sweet Zoids action figures nestled between Pokeballs and shirts.

This is the coolest Master Roshi statue I've ever seen.

-I went to the swap meet Friday night to see what kind of stuff fans were trying to unload. Apparently there was also a Swap Meet on Thursday night, which is cool, but Thursday isn't really a main Fanime day. I wonder how many fan-dealers were at the Thursday night. With the Swap meet in an actual Hall this year, it was easy to get in and out; people didn't have to wait an hour in line. I found some cool stuff, too. I picked up a couple Final Fantasy VII Coca Cola promo figurines from Japan, and an anime DVD for $5 brand new that usually goes for $30 on eBay. So that was cool. I saw some rare videogames for sale and a Zoids Lobster command center for the micro-Zoids figurines that I never new existed. I would have bought it, but it only had two of the four micro Zoids that were supposed to be included. I like my Zoids complete, even if it is a rare item.

-Before the Swap Meet I checked out a little of the quiz show that was happening on a stage in a main walkway. I might have know one of the answers to a question, but they were all incredibly specific. At one point someone in the crowd was answering some questions that the contestants didn't know, which was kind of funny.

-The super handy Pocket Guide was back this year. This listed all the events, panels, and where they were located. The Pocket Guide is invaluable. It was great to be able to just take a quick look to see if anything was coming up without having to dig in my bag for a big program book. Just take it out of your pocket, take a peek, and go. I really wish SDCC would make these.

-People could still walk around the hallways of the convention center without buying a badge if all they wanted to see were the cosplayers. I love that Fanime lets people do that. The badge gets you access to the Dealer Hall, Artist Alley, Swap Meet, panels, anime rooms, and any other even going on. I hope this never changes because it's just cool of them.

-Usually at Fanime, the artists are located inside the main convention center. this year, for whatever reason, they kind of got screwed over. this year Artist Alley was outside in a big industrial tent, also known as "South Hall." The tent was essentially the same temperature as it was outside and any kind of AC was provided by the occasional wind blowing through the doors. The lighting was also quite poor. If you're shopping around for some original art, you would probably want to see it in the best light possible, but it was pretty dark in the tent compared to the regular hall. I don't know why the artists were moved to the South Hall tent this year. The regular hall they have usually been in was basically empty this year except for a few food venders and the Swap Meet, which was only at night a couple times. There could have been more artists this year, but I'm sure they could have fit everyone indoors, even if they weren't all in the same hall, have a few in another room. Hopefully the artists can be back in the air conditioned, well-lit, convention center next year.

-A friend wanted to go to Fanime, but forgot to pre-register, so he had to get his badge at the con. He was prepared to wait up to two hours to get a badge. He got in line and was told it could be three or four hours for him to get a badge. He left because that was ridiculous. Fanime had the at-show registration in a different spot this year, so it wouldn't interfere with the rest of the con, but why can't they get more people to help out? My friend had better things to do for 4 hours so he left. It was disappointing, because I was hoping to spend the day hanging out with my friend. Oh well, maybe next year.

-Theme rooms were back for those that just wanted to watch anime all day. I can't see spending all my time just watching anime at a convention, but for those that hadn't gotten around to check something out yet, it might be a good opportunity.

-I attended to the Power Rangers panel and it was cool hearing about the main differences between all the various Power Ranger series. I've only ever watched the original series and a few episodes here and there of some others, but it was still enjoyable. I was going to attend a couple other panels, but missed the times. I kept getting wrapped up in all that great cosplay.

-The guests of honor were doing signings in a hotel outside of the convention center. I was standing in line for Director and Producer Hiroyuki Yamaga where another fan said that usually the autograph signings were in the main hall and it seemed like there were far less people in line with the autographs off in a hotel. went to meet Hiroyuki Yamaga who signed my Royal Space Force Blu-ray box set. It was awesome to meet him and he was very polite and humble. He also looked a bit older than the photo on the Fanime website.

-I was going to attend Fanime another day, but somebody hit my car in the parking lot. Actually, they hit the car I just bought the previous day. That kind of put a damper on me wanting to come back. So, thanks to the jerk who hit my car and drove off.

-There were more people walking around with anime body pillows this year than I've ever seen. Apparently body pillows with scantily clad anime girls have really taken off with the U.S. anime crowd. No shame, I tell you.

The BLuefun booth had no dioramas set up again, but they still had loads of cool stuff.

Bluefin's giant poster of awesome.

Lots and lots of toys.

Buy this stuff!

More stuff!

A slide from the Quiz Show. For the second question, one contestant answered, "The yellow one." He didn't win.

The sign pointing you to the general direction of the exit to get to the artists.

The hall used for Artist Alley previous years was basically empty for most of Fanime, save for a few food vendors at the front.

The big tent, aka South Hall, where Artist Alley was this year.

The former Artist Alley hall was an excellent place for the Swap Meet. It's too bad the swap meet can't go on for more than a couple nights.

- Shawn - 6/22/13

Photos by Heidi and Shawn