Fanime '13: Gundam Unicorn Geara Zulu Cosplay

Last year's awesome Zaku II cosplayer outdid himself this year with his amazing Geara Zulu mobile suit costume from Gundam Unicorn. I'll post the full cosplay gallery in a bit, but first I wanted to share this incredible piece of cosplay. Enshiro, as he is known, made the AMS-129 Geara Zulu mobile suit, specifically the Angelo Sauper Custom, hence the purple and pink colors. This is seriously amazing and was easily my favorite cosplay I saw this year. The Geara Zulu towered over everyone and a crowd formed wherever he was. The amount of work that goes into awesome cosplay is just staggering sometimes.

The incredible Geara Zulu cosplay from Gundam Unicorn.

This also really makes me want to watch some Gundam Unicorn again, but since it's so long between episodes I don't remember what happened during the last one, or even what episode I watched last. I'll have to wait until all seven are available. Check out more photos of Enshiro's outstanding Geara Zulu and await the upcoming full cosplay gallery.

- Shawn - 6/1/13

The Geara Zulu cosplay requires some assembly.

Attaching the boosters.

Hand him the beam rifle, strap on the shield...

...and your Geara Zulu cosplay is complete.

The back of the Geara Zulu.

Iron Man is sad that his armor isn't nearly as cool.

Geara Zulu towers over normal sized cosplayers.

Superior tech comes in many forms.

Photos by Heidi