Fanime '13: Gaming Hall

For those who like to play games at a con and for those who hate sleep, Fanime's Gaming Hall was open 24 hours a day. The Gaming Hall had arcade games, classic console games, tabletop games, crane games, photo booths, PC games, puzzles, human chess, and giant Jenga. Most of the arcade games were the same as last year, which is fine since Strikers 1945 III and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo both returned. Those two are the most important. There was also not one, but two crane games filled with Hello Kitty plush toys because, obviously, one machine full of Hello Kitty was not enough.

It may the the same shooter as last year, but at least there was one arcade shooter there.

This Boy of Silence lost the Street Fighter IV match, but then his vision is quite limited in that helmet.

The greatest puzzle game ever.

When you can only grab Hello Kitty, which one do you go for?

At one point while I was roaming the Fanime halls, I decided to visit the arcade again. It didn't take long to spot the giant Jenga tower, which was already quite tall, but still had a ways to go for ultimate Jenga. As tall as it was, I stuck around to see it either fall or built to completion. The participants didn't have a ladder, so they had to stack chairs to build it up. After many scares of it possibly tipping over, many very carefully pulled out and placed blocks, the tower was complete. However, there was a little buffering of the tower. See, the tower was starting to lean towards one side, so the main giant Jenga dude (the guy in the black shirt with the blonde hair) and one or tow others very carefully moved a few already sandwiched blocks over a little to stabilize the tower as best as they could. Now, that sort of thing is probably frowned upon in normal Jenga, but it was actually amazing that the tower didn't tip when a few of those few blocks were slid over, because it almost did. Congrats to all involved, though, because even with a little buffering, it was impressive to see giant Jenga conquered.

This is when I arrived to the giant Jenga tower.

More than a few scares of tipping, both of the tower and the people standing on the stacked chairs.

Giant Jenga, fully completed.

More shots from the arcade and a sampling of the available console games with glorious CRTs follow. I think the last shot is human chess, but I got bored waiting for something to happen so I went to take photos of more cosplayers.

- Shawn - 6/2/13

Photos by Heidi and Shawn