Fanime '13: Evangelion Entry Plug

Neon Genesis Evangelion fans saw some fantastic Evangelion cosplayers at Fanime this year, but they also got to see, and possibly sit in, a life-size Eva Entry Plug. It was quite large, shiny, and featured full control panels on the inside. There were even orange panels garnishing the floor around it. Unfortunately, there weren't any Evangelion cosplayers around while I was there. Instead, there was a Disney princess photo shoot going on, hence the princesses in the background. Constructed by Lionel Lum, a prop maker and cosplay photographer, the Entry Plug was very impressive and probably the best life-size Evangelion thing built outside of Japan. Japan made their own official entry plug for the life-size Eva exhibit back in 2010. This was the first time I've see such a large-scale prop like this at Fanime that anyone could actually get into. I'm hoping this starts a trend of much larger-scale props for cosplayers. It would take a lot of extra work, but man it would be cool.

A life-size Eva Entry Plug, perfect for cosplayers.

- Shawn - 6/8/13