Fanime '13: Cosplay

Cosplay cosplay cosplay! There were a ton of great costumes this year and I think I took more photos than the previous years I've been there. This is actually just a fraction of what was there, though because there was just so much. For best costume this year I'm going with the Geara Zulu cosplay I already posted about. Also there was an amazing Godzilla cosplayer who can probably be tied for best cosplay because he was freaking Godzilla. Best girl? there were a ton of great female cosplayers this year, like Ulala, I-No, Borderlands Sirens, Captain Scarlett, Mad Moxxi, a female Sander Coen, Elizabeths, Fang... there were just too many awesome ladies. There were some unexpected cosplayers at Fanime like Kenshiro (surprising because I've never seen someone cosplay as him), one of the chicks from Hyperdimension Neptunia, Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, G.I. Joe's Recondo, and a Goku who actually had the kind of body that a Goku should have. Keep your panties on for that one, ladies. So, I watch a lot of anime, but I don't watch a lot of anime because, again, there were a lot of characters that I didn't know at all. I was mainly going to stick with photos of characters I knew, but that plan fell through so prepare for a good number of randoms. Please let me know if you know what some of these unknowns are. Enjoy that gallery, click the pics for enlarging, and see you at Fanime next year.

- Shawn - 6/22/13

A tender moment at Fanime. More Godzilla pics follow below.

An incredible Deku from Majora's Mask, with light up eyes. Light up eyes seemed to be a big thing this year for cosplayers.

Hey space cats, Ulala is here at Fanime in a super shiny outfit.

Two awesome costumes with Nathan Spencer from Bionic Commando and Ayane from Dead or Alive

Is this a Ramona Flowers? Seems like it would be.

Ulala makes you shoot shoot.

Lillith, Mordecai, and Maya came in from the Borderlands.

I-No you know how much this rocks.

I-No you want another angle of that.

Psycho Bandits need love, too. Also, light-up eyes.

Captain Scarlett from Borderlands. with some other character from something or other.

Big box Claptrap! And a... squirrel girl?

A smoldering Catherine for you.

"I'm fucking Sander Coen." Her words. My mistake Ms. Coen, I wasn't expecting a female version. Well done.

I can't believe this is the the first Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star that I've seen in all my years of going to conventions with cosplayers.

Lollipop Chainsaw's Juliet didn't have any zombies to slice into rainbows, she just had to deal with fanboys.

the incredible Geara Zulu from Gundam Unicorn. Check out some more photos in the Geara Zulu gallery.

Recondo? Recondo! He even had his own business cards.

A Vincent and a Catherine, but this is the first Orlando I've seen.

Wow, an Erica from Catherine? Awesome!

Yes, another Vincent and Catherine. If you haven't played Catherine yet, get to it!

Always need some Cowboy Bebop at Fanime.

I don't know the girl, but she definitely got Lupin's attention.

There's Lupin! Just as old as he should be, too.

Elizabeth was tearing her way through Fanime. (Get it? If not, play the game.)

This Elizabeth had a sweet Songbird plush.

Another Elizabeth and an alternate universe Booker as a lady.

BioShock Infinite was very popular at Fanime this year. These two were fantastic.

Even BioShock Infinite's Lutece twins got cosplayed!

Another Elizabeth! So many!

Try to creep around this Boy of Silence.

And another Booker.

And even another Booker!

I absolutely love Mad Moxxi from Borderlands.

So here's another of Mad Moxxi. She likes things that go pop.

A fantastic Death from Sandman.

This guy was so popular last year, here he is again. I still don't know who this is or what he's from.

Lady Colossus will destroy you.

The dapper Count of Monte Cristo brought a date.

Aeris got stabbed again! What horrible, horrible luck this girl has.

Love it.

Fang is one of my favs from Final Fantasy XIII.

It's always good to see a classic Tifa.

Squall and a girl he can get all emo about.

Lightning is such a loner.

Have some Final Fantasy X-2.

The master Dan can teach you some moves.

Cloud is ready.

Her car looks delicious.

Bunny girls from something sell their goodies at the Swap Meet.

A Hatter hunting for a tea party.

Classic Casey Jones is here to beat The Foot.

An assassin not blending in to the crowd.

Ash from Army of Darkness and schoolgirl Asuka from Evangelion, now there's a team-up.

Fanime was filled with Fionna. This is but one.

Bubblegum Princess and Marceline are ready to rock out.

Hey Ice King! Your beard is awesome!


Is the badge edible for BMO?

BMO found a BMO Girl?!

Max was there to solve a crime.

I've seen this cat somewhere before...

Panty and Stocking looking for trouble.

Here you are ladies, the REAL Goku, chiseled and as beefy as you want him.

Chi Chi's costume doesn't cover much when she's grown-up.

It's Mr. Satan! He so awesome! AKA Hercule in the DBZ English dub.

Trish and Dante want to fill your dark soul with light!

He was reading small power levels all over Fanime.

Great Saiyaman is here to save the Fanime.

Taking a Journey through Fanime.

Jim Lee style Psylocke and Rogue.

Is she from Squid Girl?

Sailor Pyramid Head came back to haunt us again this year.

Pit from Kid Icarus and...

...a female Pit? That's good stuff.

Probably the best costume at Fanime this.

Gozilla's plates lit-up too.

Godzilla with Reptile and Scorpion.

Zero, a few Psycho Bandits, and a poor Claptrap.

Amazingly representing Castlevania.

Some girl that I should probably know, Alice, and Menace from Queen's Blade, who is actually wearing more clothing than usual. Seriously.

Finns and Fionnas everywhere!

So much Adventure Time!

The Attack on Titan crew are ready to fight some craapy-ass giants.

Are all three of them from Bleach? I know the middle guy is.

A.B.A., I-No, and Bridget from Guilty Gear. I'm not sure on the left one, but she looks familiar. Nice work, ladies.

Harley has some new henchmen.

Taking a break from their Journey.

Poke-women. I'm gonna try to resist making a Poke joke here.

Marvel Heroes wandering the halls.

I don't know, but they all look great.

Would this Amaterasu be considered a furry? Amaterasu looks super awesome.

Is that Black Widow? With an off-duty Power Ranger? And some other girl?

This is probably funny if you watch the show.

Monster Hunters? Is that a Red Lantern?

Phoenix Wright objects to Frank West's photography.

Pixelated Mario Brothers and a Gooba.

Portal-bot was amazing.

Kirk loves him some green Orion space girls.

I have no idea, but she could probably fight a dragon.

Spider-Man showed up.

spider-Man went to shoot his webbing, but nothing came out.

There is also always at leas one Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop.

Wow, I didn't expect to see Hyperdimension Neptunia. Nice.

Is she also from Neptunia? Looks like she could be.

Black Widow by herself. Unless this happens to be some other Black Widow looking girl.

Those will leave some nice scratches.

I'd say Queens of Heats, but that front fish like tail is throwing me off.

Black Cat came to loot.

Danboard is a regular at Fanime.

Danboard put on a tie later that evening.

Danboard also put on a mustache and a hat for party time.

Snake Plissken is trying to escape from Fanime.

It'sa Dr. Mario!

Far Cry guy. Bang.

Rei and Asuka Race queens.

Askua is insane.

I don't know which Power Rangers he's from but, Red Ranger.

She Hulk and a random anime girl.

Scorpion and Reptile want to test their might.

Classic Scorpion and Mileena.

Chuck Greene and Frank West, together at last.

Wow, I don't know, but he looks incredible, and has the most light-up eyes of light-up eye costumes.

I don't know any of them.

She-Ra has the power.

Yep, there always has to be a Yoko.

Samara from Mass Effect attempts to use her biotics.

Starbuck and random Viper pilot not giving a frak.

Sailor Sack Girl. Genius.

There must always be a Vash.

It's almost the whole Trigun crew.

I would imagine Dante would stylishly fight the Silent Hill

Yeah, I don't know them either. Anime!

That box head Super Saiyan is fantastic.

They stay colorized in a black & white world.

A Spartan and that cave girl again.

Tiger and Bunny cosplayers in serious pose...

...and in silly pose.

Yep. Anime.

More Anime.

Nicolas D Wolfwood and his super awesome cross gun.

The big bad wolf just wants to play.

Now for a lot of Zelda cosplay.






Hey, listen! More Zelda!


Snipers no sniping! snipers no sniping!

A smattering of Disney. Remember those Mandalorians are Disney now.

Yolo Samara, but isn't she living again, in a way?

I know Lana Kane form this lot.

She was a perfect Lana Kane.

More anime?

Resident Evil's Ada Wong always has something up her sleeve. Or dress in this case.

Jill checks the crowd for any random zombies.

She looks familiar...

I have no idea but she looks damn cool.

Her name is on teh tip of my tongue...

Wild Tiger poses for sponsors.

Most of the Barnaby cosplayers were ladies.

Alice and another Mad Moxxi.

She could be a queen of something or other.

A red ninja and gold mask guy.

Chell from Portal.

Street Fighter: The Movie Guile is back again!

This guy is the last samurai, not Tom Cruise.

She was the perfect Muscle Man. Perfect.

I don't think I've seen this variation of Snake before, so great job, Snake.

It would have been funnier if Raiden wore his sombrero.

Sophitia from Soul Calibur maybe?

Well dressed sword guy will arise whenever Motoko is near.

This Motoko Kusanagi is too cool to take her shades off indoors.

May from Guilty Gear has an anchor.

The Oogie Boogie just don't stop at Fanime.

The Mayor of Halloween Town came out to give a spooky speech.

You're no good to Fett dead.


Human versions of Portal 2's Atlas and P-body.


He's Batman.

Joker says the joke's on you!

Is this a Joker at the circus?

When he pays that flute, things happen.

It's Jak AND Daxter.

Still two more girls I don't know.

It takes a real man like Hugo to wear all that pink.

It's bikini top girl. And smoking vest guy. And skirt girl. I don't watch One Piece. One of them is Boa Hancock though, right?

These two Assassin's Creed 3 cosplayers want to start a revolution.

That's one way to do Sonic the Hedgehog cosplay.

Dante made a friend.

Mega Man, the Battle Network version.

Pedobear wos looking for some goodies.

A rare time when Green Lantern Guy Gardner wasn't angry.

The girl dressed in white character from that thing.

Cap has some autographs on his shield. Don't throw that shield, Cap.

Vintage Cap has to carry around his shield and flag all day.

Wendy spent most of Fanime looking for Woody.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

I hope that Tardis is a lot bigger on the inside.

This Dr. brought his companion.

Cortana looked great, but that Chief needs to hit the gym a little more.

Star visor guy?

The only magical girl I know is Zatanna, so this is her.

The Red Hood got captured by the Wolfman? Oh wait, that's just Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf about to murder her. Everything's fine.

I hope balloon Mario's outfit stayed inflated.

Sneaky tree guy was following me.

Deathstroke was out for a hit.

Classic Aquaman.

What is Santa Claus doing at Fanime?

Yeah, don't know this guy.

Is he cosplaying as America?

These Ghostbusters aren't doing much bustin', but they feel good.

Wow is this that Fallout guy?

This Lizard is so much better than the crappy one in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Jester has something in his pants.

Apparently they let Furries in the military these days.

Random gun guy?

I don't know why his shorts are censored.

No Face is so lonely.

Is this Sophie from Howl's moving Castle? Awesome!

And we have ramen noodles guy. Eat your ramen noodles, kids.

 Photos by Heidi and Shawn