The E3 Experience

Hordes of gamers pack in like cattle to try the latest games.

All the pictures I've seen and all the news I've read could not prepare me for how truly awesome E3 was. There was so much to see it was difficult to try out every game we wanted, get all the news we needed, and snag the picture of every booth babe we saw. I think we were fairly successful, but when I look back, there were a few games I wanted to try, or actually, wish I remembered that I wanted to try when I was there. As we were heading towards a certain area or a specific game, we would see some other game that would catch our eye and we'd have to try it. Or we would see a booth babe we hadn't collected yet, so we needed to capture her for our, uh, research, yea "research."

When one attends E3, one is constantly bombarded with flashing lights, huge monitors showing off new games, people everywhere, and the sound man, it's so freaking loud. Paul and I both had massive headaches halfway through the first day. We felt we got everything we mostly wanted to, though. We played a lot of great games that won't be out for a while, viewed some interesting new hardware, saw so many cool displays that must have cost a fortune to construct, and checked out some hot ass booth babes. With that said, read up on our finds and view our pics from the greatest show on Earth, E3.

"I'm sad. Nobody cares who the hell I am."


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- Shawn - 05/23/04