Cylon Raider Shines by Your Command at SDCC '13

Mattel started to reveal their SDCC 2013 exclusives, with one of the first goodies being a Hot Wheels Cylon Raider. Mattel is making Hot Wheels Battlestar Galactica ships? That's cool. This is a classic Cylon Raider from the original Battlestar Galactica, not from the newer and amazing BSG, although it does make me wonder if Mattel also has the license for the newer show. The die-cast Cylon Raider will be 1:64 scale, which I don't know how big that actually makes it inch wise. the cylones really spent extra sprucing up this Raider because it will also have an extra shiny VUM finish. The Raider will will be packaged on a vintage style Battlestar Galactica packaging from 1978.

The Cylon Raider shining from many angles.

The Raider and other Mattel exclusives will go up for pre-order on June 4th for pick-up at the show. The other Mattel exclusive revealed was a Masters of the Universe Classics rock men two-pack, Rokkor and Stonedar. I don't know these guys, but they kind of transform into rocks. Exciting.

- Shawn - 4/29/13