Commander Shepard's Favorite Default Figure

ThreeZero is making high-end 1/6 scale Mass Effect action figures. First up is Commander Shepard, obviously, with N7 armor based on his appearance in Mass Effect 3. The ThreeZero exclusive version includes an interchangeable head of default male Shepard. He includes interchangeable hands, the M8 Avenger, M5 Phalanx, and Omni Blade. The tiny textured details on the armor are looking great. What's cool about the helmet is that is can be in full facemask or the visor mode. Mass Effect action figures probably won't get much better than ThreeZero's.

"I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite me on the Citadel."

I always played as FemShep, so I'll be skipping this figure, but there will be more characters. According to ThreeZero's own teaser image, it looks like their next release might be Legion. Can you imagine if ThreeZero gets around to making all the possible squad members from the series? That is going to end up being a huge roster. Shepard is up for pre-order right now for 220 and will ship in the 2nd quarter of 2015. Check out tons of images at ThreeZero's Facebook.

Is Legion next?! Start saving.

- Shawn - 11/25/14