Caladrius Blaze and Resogun Double Shot

It's a double shot of shooter news for the PS3 and PS4!

The upcoming PS3 release of Caladrius Blaze, which includes two new characters, a new Evolution mode, and arcade mode, has a brand new trailer. The exciting trailer full of music and characters talking about shooter things. The end of the trailer announces the release date of August 28th. There still hasn't been any word on a Western release, so importing may be the way to go since it'll be region free.

Resogun DLC is coming in June! I loved Resogun on the PS4, but I haven't played it since I got my Platinum Trophy for it. Housemarque isn't giving too many hints as to what the DLC entails, but there is this teaser. What is it?

Apparently we need some. I want some!

- Shawn - 5/27/14