Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst Infinitely Bursts

Point your ship to the sky and BURST with infinite bullet souls! From 5pb and Mages comes Bullet Soul: Infinite Bust, a top-down shooter for the Xbox 360 and follow-up to Bullet Soul. The first Bullet Soul was fun, so it's cool to see another. Infinite Burst has a new character with a new ship for more infinite bursting. The game has three modes with Normal, Caravan, and Burst. Caravan mode is basically score attack with a two-minute time limit. Burst Mode has a burst meter that fills when you destroy enemies and once it's full, you burst which ups speed, firepower, and turns coins into big Bancho coins. The trailer seems to have a few low-resolution parts where you can't tell what's going on because everything gets super blocky. However, the rest of the trailer is awesome. If you weren't already on board from it being a new Bullet Soul, the music and announcer will hype you up.


Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst will be out April 24th. There will be a limited edition that includes a soundtrack CD, a special issue of Famitsu Xbox 360 all about Bullet Soul, and a download code for the first game. A magazine as part of a limited edition? Uh, okay. IF you didn't get the first game, then the download code is a decent way to get it. The first game was region-free, so hopefully this one will be too. (via Siliconera)

Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst is bursting with bosses!

- Shawn - 3/3/14