Big Wow '15: Cosplay

The first time I went to Big Wow in 2012 there were not a lot of cosplayers, but since then Big Wow has grown. Lots of cosplayers now show up with many professional cosplayers featured by the convention. The increased cosplayers really make it feel like Big Wow is making it as a staple convention. First off, though, there was an amazing Gamera suit. I wouldn't be surprised if Gamera was by one of the Godzilla costumed guys last year. It was a great costume and I'm giving best cosplay this year to Gamera. For best female, Fem Beast was pretty bad-ass and it's a gender-swapped character I hadn't seen before. There was a Catwoman with her that was spot-on, too. The was an awesome Zer0 form Borderlands, an amazing Snake Eyes (I think he was one of the professionals), battle-damaged Gohan, a fantastic Beetlejuice group, Shang Tsung, Shao Khan, multiple Deathstrokes, and Spider-men everywhere. Also, the Wolfman showed up for his yearly photos with superheroes.

At Big Wow this year was the bull ride, or maybe it was called a goblin ride since it had a Green Goblin-ish looking head on it. The point was that if you rode it long enough you'd get a T-Shirt for next year's Silicon Valley Comic-Con, but it also made for some great photo-ops when cosplayers would ride it. I was able to nab a few photos of cosplayers testing their ability to hang on tight.

Big Wow features an aisle of professional cosplayer booths including Anthony Misiano (Harley's Joker) and Alyssa King (Joker's Harley), Kit Quinn, Riddle, Valerie Perez and more. Riddle's had a decently long line for a lot of the con, except for the times she wasn't there.

So, about the costume contest. Last year, the costume contest was in a large room with lots of chairs so that everyone could comfortably sit and watch the cosplayers strut the stage. This year, the room was half the size with about half the number of chairs. Attending fans had to line the walls, squeeze into the front and in the middle aisle. Not everyone who wanted to attend got to because of the lack of space. The contest also started much later than it was scheduled to. It went over the end time, too, which also delayed the start of Toshio Maeda's panel taking place right after. Once it finally got going, the costume contest was fun. There was also a skit with the '66 Batman cosplayers which was a little weird. I think it ended with some of the superpets' minds being in superheroes. I think there was another convention also going on in the convention center, so Big Wow may have been limited in the three rooms they had for panels. Hopefully next year they can get a bigger room so everyone can enjoy the costume contest.

Check out many of the cosplayers below and click the pics to make them bigger.

- Shawn - 5/19/15

Gamera! The mightiest of giant flying turtles.

Kit Quinn as vintage Catwoman.

Fem-Beast, stitched Catwoman, and I think Black Canary without her mask.

A great Spider-Man and Black Cat.

Snake Eyes knows half the battle and wins the other half.

Here's another of these ladies because they're awesome.

Tomax and Xamot are back to cause political chaos in the dealers room.

Spider-Man and adorable Venom.

Tentacle Monster guy. I feel like I should know this because it looks vaguely familar.

Ravager ready to ravage.

Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn do the finishing around here.

Marceline and Marshall Lee rock it up.

An amazing Northstar.

Gohan must disintegrate every possible camera person.

Zer0 will do the assassinating in this costume contest.

Mr. Satan (Hercule) and the Ox King are looking for Dragon Balls.

Iron Man's faceplate opened up so he could eat doughnuts without taking off the helmet.

The Wolfman still loves superheroes.

Starfire and Scarcrow are a weird couple.

I saw this Deathstroke when I arrived...

...and this Deathstroke when I was leaving.

Jill Valentine can take out a lot of zombies with a giant cannon.

Ms. Marvel and a gold lady who I'm not sure of.

The Creature found some good art today.

Harley's Joker and Joker's Harley share a moment.

Would a female Rocket Raccoon be Rockette Raccoon?

Deadpool jokingly insulted Joker, then asked for a picture with him. It was funny.

Meowth finally captured Pikachu.

The glowing red eye made Scarecrow almost as terrifying as the Scarecrow.

The Alien gets chatty with a girl in a Wonder Woman swimsuit.

Elektra poses before being violently thrown off.

Bill was indisposed, but here's Ted and Joan of Arc.

Bullet Bull? I don't know this guy.

Black Cat attempts to ride the Goblin.

Another Black Cat strutting her stuff.

Ms. Marvel can power pose.

The awesome Beetlejuice crew and Riddle as Ms Marvel.

Cyclops and all the Marvel Ladies.

Harley know t he best way to fight an Alien... with a giant mallet!

Dr. Doom makes sure the Alien's teeth are good enough to get Richards.

A bunch of saucy adventurers from something adventurous.

The Jones boys and Kahn search for relics at Big Wow.

The cutest Street Fighters ever.

Shao Kahn gets his portrait drawn.

Spider-Man doing whatever black costume Spider-Man can.

Shiro must ride the wild goblin to escape.

Giant Shrek and Wonder Woman high five.

Superboy Vs. Sandman is the latest crossover.

Deadpool pleads for burritos.

This looks like a pyramid version of Mr. Peanut. Yeah, I don't know what this is.

An Assassin's Creed assassin and BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth.

Real life anime-style Sailor Moon is a little scary.

Lady Loki commanded the room...

...until Lady Thor comes out.

A minion! And that girl in the Wonder Woman swimsuit again.

The Psycho Bandit wants meat.

Pimp Superman and lil' Batman pimp. Priceless.

Harley can teach young Robin a thing or two.

Darryl is in his off-season for hunting zombies.

Commissioner Gordon lets the overcrowded room off with a warning.

Hey, Ice King! Finn says you smell!

Kraven had plenty of Spider-Men to hunt.

Frank sings at local monster bars. Seriously, he sings.

He-Man, master of Big Wow.

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland is a little excited.

We've seen Ms. Sinister at other cons, but her costume is so good she rightfully wears it again.

Someone from Full Metal Alchemist or One Piece or some other anime I don't watch.

Great costume, just the worst version of Wily E. coyote called Tech E. Coyote.

Zatanna has magic tricks to next week. Whatever that means..

Emma Frost with a face mask maybe?

Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V. Hilarious that he completely embraces the character.

Shrek is dead, baby. Shrek is dead.

Photos by Heidi and Shawn.