Big Wow '14: Batman Museum

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman, Big Wow ComicFest had a keen Batman Museum containing hundreds of items from the vast history of the character. The Batman Museum portion of the convention floor was jam-packed all kinds of Batman goodies. There was framed art, statues, figures, glasses, cups, autographed posters, advertisements, toys, and everything else. A replica of the '66 Batmobile was also there, and that is always a cool thing to see. It was very awesome to see all this Batman stuff in one place.

All the black & white statues, a questionable squirt gun, Batman Dairy Chocolate, the incredible art, and so much more. Most of these things on display were from the Bill Morrison Batman collection. There was so much that I don't think I got everything in the photos below. There were things I didn't know existed, including those amazing Batman: The Animated Series mugs. These are the greatest mugs I've ever seen. I would love to get them, but they are long sold out and go for a lot on the secondary market. There were also some other non-Batman art on display in the Batman Museum, but I'll get to that in another post.

- Shawn - 6/4/14



Photos by Heidi and Shawn.