Atlas and P-body Light-up Eye Video by ThreeA

Portal 2's Atlas and P-body are not real robots, but ThreeA's action figures of the duo will be the next best thing. ThreeA posted a video showing off the light-up eye sequence for both P-Body and Atlas... and it's mind-blowingly awesome. I had decided to not get these and just settle for the smaller, yet still cool NECA versions, but those eye sequences are too awesome. If you've been on the fence about these, this video may push you to the buy side. These will be very difficult to not pre-order when they go up sometime this month.

Amazing! The Metal Gear REX Railgun sequence is incredible, but these have colors! When these two go up for sale there will be a set and singles option, but wouldn't it feel incomplete to only get one of them?

- Shawn - 5/7/13