Atari Asteroids Beach Bomb SDCC '13 Exclusive

Next up in Mattel's space-themed Hot Wheels exclusives for SDCC 2013 is a surfboard hauling Beach Bomb pickup with Atari logos and Asteroids art. This will apparently be one of the last hand polished Chrome Spectraflame Hot Wheels cars ever offered, which probably means something to the hardcore Hot Wheels collectors out there. Aside from the two surfboards on the back, the pickup also has Real Riders tires, you know those rubber ones. The Beach Bomb is cool, but the real kicker on this is that it comes in a Asteroids arcade cabinet packaging. I never thought I'd ever be trying to get a Hot Wheels product at SDCC, but with this and the the two Battlestar Galactica ships, there are three.

Videogame fans will be trying to get this more for the packaging than the car, but the car is still pretty cool.

I've had enough trouble trying to fight Hasbro buyers and other figure buyers at SDCC, but now I have to mess with Hot Wheels buyers? Man, I can already tell that this SDCC is going to be a rough one. The Atari Asteroids Beach Bomb will go up for pre-order on 6/4 for SDCC pick-up with the rest of their exclusives. It may or may not be available after the show.

Oh, today Mattel also revealed a New 52 Shazam figure as an SDCC '13 exclusive. Meh.

- Shawn - 5/1/13