Alien ReAction Exclusives Return to SDCC

Super7's Alien ReAction figures were a huge hit at SDCC last year. The "prototype" figures sold out during Preview Night and they sold a ton of Alien Early Bird kits. For SDCC 2014, Super7 is bringing new Alien ReAction exclusives and is hosting a trade event for one of the exclusives. Super7's first Alien ReAction exclusive for this year is the Egg Chamber Action Playset. This playset base is made from resin, with Facehugger eggs on on the landscape and has a corrugated cardboard backdrop to complete the retro feel. Of course, it comes in a retro box matching the rest of the Alien ReAction figures.

Super7's booth number is now #4945, so don't get lost when trying to hunt down the Egg Chamber.

There are only 250 Egg Chamber playsets, it costs $100, and is limited to one per person. From the photo, it doesn't look like a $100 worth of playset, but it's very limited and is an Alien ReAction item, so it'll sell out quick.

The second exclusive are the Alien Deep Space Mystery ReAction figures, featuring new sculpts and colors. The 6" plastic Facehugger egg acts as a blind box. When you open the egg, you'll see what figure is inside. Super7 is not saying how many variants exist, but they say people should figure it out if they talk to their friends and other collectors. When it's opened, the egg is also a display stand for the figure.

What will the new Alien figures look like? We'll have to wait until SDCC to find out.

If you don't get the figure you want or get doubles, Super7 is organizing a Deep Space Rescue party on Friday 7/25 at 6 p.m. where those who bought the blind-egged figures can trade with other collectors. The egg-boxed figures will be $25 each and are limited to four per person. Eventually, the figures will be released at retail, but it won't be for a long time since Super& is working on other ReAction stuff.

Action Figure Insider also has an interview with Super7 about his year's exclusives which may or may not reveal any more information.

 - Shawn - 7/5/14