Ahab Predator Goes Hunting at SDCC

NECA's Predator exclusive for SDCC '14 is Ahab Predator, a new character from the upcoming Dark Horse comic Fire and Stone. Ahab Predator has a cool unique mask, a skull on his chest, and is missing an eye, so you know he's a big badass. He has 25 points of articulation, backpack, spear, and, most importantly, a removable mask. I love removable masks on Predator figures. I'm really digging the look of Ahab. Considering that this guy is from an new Predator comic, it kind of sucks that he's going to be an exclusive and not in a regular series of figures, because a look at the covers of Fire and Stone, it appears he's a major character. It seems like the Ahab Predator may become the white whale for some Predator collectors.

Ahab Predator is hunting for space whales at SDCC.

Ahab Predator is limited to 5,000 pieces and will be $30. I miss the days of $20 figures from the NECA booth, but this is still an easy buy at the show. What really surprises me is that there isn't an Alien exclusive for this year. NECA said that this is their final SDCC exclusive, though, so that's it. Check out some more photos and a few concept sketches at NECA.

- Shawn - 6/8/14