A-Jax / Typhoon Archived on PS4

Konami's 1987 shooter A-Jax just got a release on Japanese PS4s, as part of the Arcade Archives series. What was cool about A-Jax is that it had two type of stages. In some stages the player would pilot a jet in a behind-the-plane perspective (kind of like Afterburner), while other stages had the player piloting a helicopter in a traditional vertical scrolling top-view. Jets and choppers, shooting enemies separately, but together.

A-Jax, cleaning the skies of bad guys!

Another great thing about this release is that I think it also includes the European version of the game, re-named Typhoon. I am hoping beyond hope that this gets released on the North American PlayStation Store. This and the original Gradius, which was also released in the Arcade Archives series in Japan. We need both of these shooters on our PS4s. (via Famitsu)

- Shawn - 3/21/15