8-Bit Weapon: A great techno band with a twist.

Perry Bible Fellowship: Sorry Penny Arcade, but this is the best web comic ever.

Great White Snark: The Great White Snark is an expert at geek culture... and beats it with a stick.

Illerdrin Studios: Andy is a good friend to DMB, and runs this site.

Airplane Kitty Basketball: The original and only source for Airplane Kitty Basketball dot com on the web.

Phoenix Game Design: Pat is another good friend to DMB who spends his days working on forgotten gaming technology. If you can help make his games real, please do so.

Topless Robot: All the nerd ranting and raving you could possibly want is here.

Shadow64: Danny is a guy with thoughts in his brain... and monkeys in his shoes!

DJ Real Smells: DJ Real is a man of many musical and video ventures, many of them being oddly good.

Watching Heroes: If you like... watching the show Heroes, check out this site that is run by a friend of DMB named Keith. If you like other stuff(?), check out Keith's personal site

The Digital Bits: The Digital Bits is our favorite Blu-ray / DVD website.

Lick the Pole: I hate the term blog. But if I were to use it, I'd say that this is one great blog, because it is.

Penny Arcade: Funny site, and we can't believe these guys play as many games as they do. A cool all around game site.

Kotaku: Kotaku is updated about a bazillion times a day with mounds of video game goodness.


Jacob Phatty is a cool guy and he has this neat merch for sale at cafepress.


Other Links

Toy Bender is Paul's toy collecting blog (there we go again with that term). If you like toys and Digital Monkey Box, then you have to check this out.

Fantasy Battles: If you're dying to find out who'd win in a fight between Pinhead and Darth Vader (or just really bored at work), then check out Fantasy Battles.

Here's a special treat. You've got to watch this music video made by a good friend of the site, MC Fumunda. Warning! Video may contain footage of a man making love to inanimate objects.