Thrawn and Landspeeder Exclusives at SDCC 2017

Hasbro has revealed their two SDCC 2017 Star Wars Black Series exclusives at Star Wars Celebration; Grand Admiral Thrawn and Luke with Landspeeder. Thrawn is in an over-sized box that folds out into part of his office from Star Wars: Rebels. It also includes a number of relic accessories that Thrawn has collected over the years. This awesome set will be $49.99 at the HasbroToyShop booth. A Thrawn figure by itself will likely be available at retail later.

When Hasbro originally announced the retail Luke with Landspeeder and Rey with Speeder, I wondered if either of them would have the upgraded SDCC exclusive version, and it turns out the Landspeeder will. T

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- Shawn - 4/16/2017

Ronin Proto-Fett Hunting at SDCC 2017

Star Wars Celebration is in full swing with lots of reveals of new figures, shows, and a touching tribute. Bluefin has revealed, from what looks to be in catalog or poster at their booth, the Movie Realization Ronin Boba Fett in prototype armor. A fan by the name of Darth_Shank posted a photo on his Instagram revealing it to the rest of Star Wars fandom not at SWC. Last year's Movie Realization Sandtrooper with black pauldron was a pretty great SDCC exclusive, so they might as well have another. Since any kind of prototype armor Boba Fett is usually an exclusive somewhere, this Proto-Fett will be at SDCC 2017.

Boba Fett bounty hunts in ancient prototype armor. Photo credit to Darth_Shank.

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- Shawn - 4/13/2017

Dariusburst CS Limited Edition Bursting with Shooting Game Historica

Even though Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours has been out on the PlayStation 4 for over a year, a physical Limited Edition was just released. When I originally saw the listing, one thing in particular jumped out at me; the three Silver Hawk ships that were included. From the promo photos, the ships looked like repaints of the Shooting Game Historica red Legend Silver Hawk Burst. I'm a big collector of Takara Tomy ARTS' Shooting Game Historica line, so the chance to own blue, green, and yellow Silver Hawks was one I had to take. It arrived in the mail and the ships are indeed repaints of the Shooting Game Historica 4 Legend Silver Hawk Burst.

Blue Silver Hawk Burst is included in either Limited Edition, but only green and yellow are in the Japanese version.

Limited Run Games is also releasing their own version of the Limited Edition for U.S. fans who don't want to import, or who may not even know about the Japanese version.

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- Shawn - 4/8/2017

Bombshells and Trash Monsters for SDCC 2017

Tickets for SDCC are almost ready to go on sale, but the first SDCC exclusives can't wait to be revealed. From Cryptozoic come Golden Goddess version of three of their infamous DC Bombshells. Of all the Bombshells, they chose Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman for the Golden Goddess" repaint. These are a great SDCC exclusive because it's something not everyone will want (but tons of fans will still try to get them). These repaints kind of like an unfinished porcelain doll to me and have a certain charm, but I prefer the normal full color versions. Also, they should have added one more character for these: Batgirl. Bombshell Batgirl would have been absolutely perfect for this color scheme. She already has gold/yellow on her costume, so she would probably have looked the best of all of these. There's always next year.

They love goooooooooooooooooooooold!

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- Shawn - 4/4/2017

Warning: Figma Iron Fossil is Approaching Fast

Now is a good time to be a longtime Darius fan. Freeing revealed their massive Iron Fossil ship, based on the DariusBurst: Chronicle Saviors version, the newest entry in the long running Darius series. At approximately 13-inches long, it will be the largest Figma produced so far. It has 35 moveable Figma joints and all of the 32 scales are articulated. The promo video is amazing and really captures the intensity of the the bosses in Darius games.


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- Shawn - 3/14/2017

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